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Brockwood Pharmacy

Brockwood Pharmacy, Dorking

Brockwood Pharmacy is proud to be serving the Dorking community with professional services and advice. We are located near other local businesses and within walking distance of bus stops and parking areas. Disabled access is also available at Brockwood Pharmacy.


The team at Brockwood Pharmacy in Dorking is here to assist you with any minor ailment treatment including coughs, backache, headache, fever, stomach pains and all other types of common aches and pains. Do you need advice and support in a private environment? You can speak to one of our trained staff without the need for an appointment booking.


If you are in need of advice and support, you can speak to one of our friendly and professional staff in a private, 1 to 1 consultation. We also offer new medicine services, providing support and advice for those taking new or prescribed medication.

Make Medicine Management Easier

By receiving electronic prescriptions from your GP, we can dispense your medicine directly to you. Reduce travel time, eliminate the paper hassle, and enjoy a more convenient prescription journey.

Location and Directions

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Prescription Collection

Keeping everyone safe and stress-free by offering a free prescription collection service.

Our Services

Take a look at our full list of services here:

What Services do we Offer?

Brockwood Pharmacy is focused on keeping you healthy and protected with a wide number of NHS and non-NHS services.

Inhaler Recycling

When it comes to inhaler recycling – all used inhalers should be returned to a pharmacy to be disposed of safely. We provide an inhaler recycling service for all used inhalers.


Multilingual staff

Our professional multilingual staff offer advice and support on a range of topics - from minor ailments to repeat prescriptions.

Prescription Collection Service

We can collect your prescriptions from any local General Practices.


Brockwood Pharmacy FAQs

Once you’ve booked and attended an appointment with your local GP, they’ll write you a prescription for whichever medication they think is necessary. You can also make an inquiry to your GP about which medication you think is suitable.

One of the most well-known pharmacies in Dorking, Brockwood Pharmacy has served the Dorking area for years and has consistently strived to provide people all around Dorking with the best possible medication and healthcare. From generic medication and specialised medication, to general advice and guidance, our staff at Brockwood Pharmacy have the experience and knowledge to provide local residents with first-class healthcare.

Not only do we offer an electronic prescription service at Brockwood Pharmacy, but we actively encourage our customers in the Dorking area to sign up to it. Our electronic prescription service makes it easier and more convenient for both sides to fulfil and receive prescriptions. Especially for customers who are disabled, frail or old, EPS prevents them from needing to leave their home in order to pick up their prescriptions.

To nominate Brockwood Pharmacy for EPS, visit our EPS Nomination page and fill out your personal details, this includes your full name, email address, date of birth, phone number and address. 


To nominate another Imaan Healthcare pharmacy for your electronic prescription, visit the website of the pharmacy you choose and simply follow the same steps as you would here. 

If you wish to find the opening hours of our Brockwood Pharmacy, our opening times are located here at the bottom of the page, additionally, they can be found on our contact page and our Google My Business profile. You’ll find that our opening times are updated with each of the bank holiday information.

If you wish to learn more about Brockwood Pharmacy then we recommend you read our about us page to understand more about us and our practices. For more information about Imaan Healthcare, visit our website.

To book an appointment at Brockwood Pharmacy in Dorking, you can book your appointment online or call in. If you opt to book your appointment online then we will get in touch with you by your preferred method and run through the available dates we have that you can choose from with the times appropriate to those days.

pauline woolman
pauline woolman
Excellent professional service- very happy help?
Fiona Watts
Fiona Watts
Staff are always so friendly and efficient. Brilliant pharmacy
Christian Bass
Christian Bass
All the staff at Brockwood, are very kind, understanding and very helpful. My mother - In law has a monthly prescription, which is already for me to collect every month without any problems at all. When she was started on a new drug, the staff told me when she was to be gaven these tablets, and explained any possible effects to look out for. Would recommend Brockwood Pharmacy/ and practice to friends. ?% Thank you to all the staff.
P Raine
P Raine
Excellent service - resolved a longstanding problem that numerous other GPs and Pharmacists have been unable to resolve. Good work and thanks!
Tom Daly
Tom Daly
What a friendly, helpful and professional service! There was a recent shortage of a critical medication for me and my prescription was unable to be fulfilled, however, they went out of their way and phoned all the the other pharmacies in Dorking to see if the item could be sourced. Alas, no luck (Brexit?) but they were able to suggest an alternative and advise on the course of action to enable me to source it. To my great relief the alternative medication was supplied the next day. I am eternally grateful. Thanks:-)
Tom Lennon
Tom Lennon
The staff here are always nice, friendly and helpful. The opening hours are really convenient too, especially the Saturday mornings.
Alison Edser
Alison Edser
Such an amazing helpful team with just the perfect community spirt just so appreciated